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As an independent and private investment services firm, our goal is to offer investors a conservative return potential in both rising and declining markets. We accomplish this by using flexible trading techniques in various ETFs, as well as stock and bond index mutual funds for our Private Account Wealth Management Services. These preferred ETFs and open-end no-load index mutual funds are both highly adaptable to rapidly changing market conditions. While a “buy and hold” strategy requires little participation and may provide an acceptable level of return in a strong trending bull market, it leaves the investor quite exposed in bearish times. Our technical style of trading is equally productive in a recession as it is in a bullish stock market rally. We feel that an absolute commitment to either the bullish OR bearish scenario is misplaced and leaves substantial return potential unreachable during changing markets conditions.


While markets require a thorough understanding of fundamental issues and economic pressures, trading in today’s markets using fundamental guidelines is a recipe for financial loss. Analyst’s forecasts and recommendations have proven not only inaccurate but many times misleading as company officers have taken “creative” accounting to a new level. TECHnical analysis, especially our refined WAVE oscillators have proven measurably more effective for short and long-term investing in a variety of markets. The name WAVETECH reflects our focus on these proven, reliable indicators.


The Wavetech Enterprises, LLC investment style can best be described as active asset allocation based. Unlike most investment firms that focus solely on “value” or “growth” stock investing, we recognize that economic business cycles, relative valuations and market psychology all influence various market sectors differently and lead to an ever-changing landscape of exploitable investment opportunities. Our ability to generate above-market returns hinges on the quality of the decisions we make in three key areas – broad stock market exposure, wave pattern technical analysis and individual investment selection.

Our Private Account Wealth Management Services implements its investment views using no-load index mutual funds that pursue a range of investment strategies from large cap growth and value stock to more specialized regional emerging markets debt and equity, natural resources, and market-neutral strategies. In appropriate cases, we will also hold positions in individual stock, preferred stocks, exchanged traded funds (ETFs), closed-end mutual funds, US Treasury zero coupon bonds (STRIPS), and conventional US Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds. These instruments are traded throughout the world for the purpose of direct profits as well as a hedging tool for large cash and equity positions. These preferred ETFs and index mutual funds are highly liquid and can generate profits in both a rising and declining stock market.


As Wavetech Enterprises, LLC is a private account management services company, you do not put your capital with our firm directly. Instead, we suggest that you establish your own individual, trust, corporate or tax-deferred account at one of a number of preferred major financial institutions such as Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, Wells Fargo Bank, Principal, and TD Ameritrade for the Private Account Wealth Management Services. You simply provide us private access through the Internet with the account number and access code for on-line trading with a Limited power of Attorney. It is important to understand that it is your account and that while we will enter and exit the various ETFs and/or no-load index mutual fund positions, and other instruments on your behalf on-line, we cannot make withdrawals or transfer funds, especially when checking the box “trading access only,” when setting up the account. You have unrestricted access to your account(s) and may verify/monitor balances or trades as often as you like on-line or by the phone. This is one major differences between our management services and public investment firms or hedge funds. They, in most cases, put your money into an account with many others, commonly referred to as institutional accounts, and the manager has complete discretionary access of the funds, on its use, movements, and the information provided in their quarterly statements. These institutional accounts require great trust and have allowed for some unfortunate circumstances in the past.


Wavetech Enterprises, LLC simply charges a management fee per calendar quarter for it’s service. To encourage an above average rate of performance for its management services, we receive a performance bonus – when applicable — per fiscal twelve-month period, based upon the commencement date, for the Private Account Wealth Management Services. These are outlined in detail within the Investment Advisory Agreements for the Private Account Wealth Management Services. There is no additional commission charged by our firm for entering or exiting the various positions, but only the amount charged by the discount brokerage firm for executing the trades. Our belief is that any compensation received for this process is a direct “conflict of interest” from the primary goal of generating overall profits for our clients.

We offer five different risk profile models to tailor our trades to individuals, foundations and/or corporations level of risk tolerance. These profiles — outlined within our provided Client Profile Form — may be changed by clients, as their personal situation adjusts through the years.

Since we enter into a confidentiality agreement with our clients for their privacy and protection, there are several ways to confirm the accuracy of our past recommendations. First, the monthly newsletters are issued prior to specific near-term date and price projections for the DOW and, on occasions, the U.S. Treasury and currency markets. This lends credibility to the accuracy of our wave technical analysis along with the additional fundamental information provided. And, older newsletters are available which show the date when they were released to further confirm their accuracy. Second, clients can monitor their account Online as the various trade positions are executed as well as the total equity value of their portfolio. New clients can specify their risk tolerance levels as a percentage, when filling out the our Client Profile Form, for a further initial level of comfort.

As mentioned within the various newsletters, a balanced and properly weighted investment portfolio will be absolutely essential as we proceed through changing bull and bear market cycles. Insightful diversification will greatly augment the overall portfolio appreciation, while lowering potential risks. Should you have any questions regarding the above information discussed within this letter or the other material provided within this web site, we stand ready to answer them as well as provide further clarification. Also, if you have a sincere level of interest in utilizing our Private Account Management Services, we would be willing to meet with you in person.


John T. Moir
Worldwide Investment Manager

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